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Contribute to the strength of Fastlink, help the high quality development of Lingang new area

Date: 2020-11-27

April 21, China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone lingang new area yangshan special comprehensive bonded zone closure fence project first phase ushered in the closure of the pre-acceptance inspection of important nodes. Deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai municipal people's government, party secretary of the lingang new district management committee, the standing deputy director of the full-time Zhu Zhisong, lingang new district management committee, deputy director of the full-time Wu Wei, lingang new district management committee, deputy director of the Wu Jie, Shanghai lingang economic development of modern logistics co., LTD., chairman, party secretary Sun Guihua, lingang new district management committee special heald bao, deputy director of the handsome and other leaders attended the event.


Shanghai lingang international future zone


Leaders of lingang new area attended the activity

Yangshan special comprehensive bonded zone inspection platform


The establishment of yangshan special comprehensive free trade zone in the lingang new area of the Shanghai free trade zone is an important carrier of the free trade zone with internationally recognized standards and the strongest competitiveness. On the basis of fully implementing the comprehensive free trade zone policy, a higher level of trade liberalization and facilitation policies and systems will be implemented.

With the annual increase of the import and export volume of goods in yangshan port, the establishment of the inspection platform of yangshan special comprehensive bonded zone is of great significance to the high-standard supervision of goods arriving and leaving the physical fence area from abroad and the improvement of the service efficiency of port supervision.

Fast link for the high - quality development of lingang new area

In order to ensure that by the end of August Seine area have start the acceptance criteria, lingang new district management committee clear requirements to speed up the yangshan special comprehensive free trade zone the Seine area land collection and storage, implementation of the construction, as soon as possible to complete the yangshan bonded port area regulatory infrastructure upgrades, bonded area inspection platform must be finished before on April 20 reform tasks.

With excellent product solutions, perfect service support and years of industry experience accumulated in the service of numerous logistics real estate giants, kuailian door industry was urgently ordered to obtain the rights and responsibilities of the project entrance sub-item design and construction.

The time is tight, the task is heavy, in the fast link, the efficiency and the quality must still be parallel. From receiving the order to preparing the material production, from shipment to installation delivery, eight days, fast link to the customer in advance to hand over the answer.


Lingang new area leaders to visit the fast door industry Shanghai jiading production headquarters visit research


Quick shipment


Zhu zhisong, deputy secretary-general, and wu wei, deputy director, highly appreciated kuailian's efforts in the process of project implementation and expressed their gratitude to wu xiao, sales director


Promoting the high-quality development of the Shanghai pilot free trade zone is a major strategic deployment of the country and another historic opportunity granted to Shanghai by the CPC central committee in the new era. As a comprehensive intelligent solution provider, kuailian door will continue to promote product innovation and service model innovation, and make greater contribution to build the new area of lingang into a special economic functional area with more international market influence and competitiveness.

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We are committed to becoming the first-class gateway intelligent solution provider in China.

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