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Endeavour Fast Joint Recognition - Lu Weibin

Date: 2020-11-27

The covid-19 epidemic in 2020 has shown us the shining ordinary people in the course of the "war on the epidemic", who have created the miracle of fighting the epidemic with their perseverance. And in Fastlink, under the epidemic backlog project release in March, also emerged a simple but extraordinary warrior, he is lu weibin.


One person, 49 projects

Affected by the epidemic, at the beginning of the New Year, almost all the projects undertaken by cfius were started in late march. The work of the project manager is professional and complex. He should not only participate in the preliminary survey and design, but also strictly control the construction process to avoid the delay of the construction period caused by construction problems.

It is hard to imagine how stressful it is for one person to be in charge of 49 projects at the same time.

Since march, he has been working day and night on various projects in jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and anhui, taking on the heavy responsibility of implementing 35 projects and 14 pre-sales support projects. Because of the volume of events, leg pain from lack of rest is not uncommon for him. But he always said, in fact, did not think too much.

By the end of April, due to the pain in his leg, he went to the hospital and was diagnosed with synovitis. The doctor told him to rest for two weeks and walk less. He was concerned about the lack of manpower in the project, and the deadline was approaching, so he continued to put his legs behind him and work on the project...

Pay for your wife's resilience

Despite doctors' advice, the pain in his knee grew worse and he finally made the decision to leave his two children to their parents in his hometown in shandong province. At the same time, in order to better complete the work, he asked his wife to drive the private car to the project site in anhui province to help him run the project. May Day holiday, two people did not rest.

On May 6, the pain had already made him feel inadequate at work. After the project department learned of the above situation, it ordered him to go home for a rest on 7th. However, his first words were still: "I went to have a rest. What should I do with these projects?"

Aggressive "slash" youth

Since he joined the fast union in July, 2017, lu weibin has been responsible for the installation guidance of the installation department and the quality inspection of the quality department. Installation work needs a wealth of professional skills, quality inspection is not short of meticulous and patient. Before long, his excellent performance won high recognition from the department and the company. In July, 19, when the project department was short of staff, he was transferred to the position of project manager in the project department, responsible for project support in jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and anhui regions. He accepted the responsibility, saying it was "incumbent upon him". Within a short period of one month, his down-to-earth, hard-working and studious personality enabled him to quickly get familiar with relevant businesses and become the backbone of the project department. Under his management and guidance, many projects were progressing smoothly.

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