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Yupei Logistics

Date: 2020-11-27

CNLP is a logistics and warehousing development platform jointly invested in China by yupei international holdings, RRJ Capital, cosco group and anbang insurance. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, the company is one of the largest logistics facilities developers and operators in China. Its business covers the design, development, leasing, operation and management of logistics and storage facilities, and mainly serves customers in the fields of production, retail, e-commerce and logistics services. As of December 2018, CNLP manages and operates 65 logistics parks in 45 cities in China, with a logistics portfolio (both under construction and to be developed) of more than 6.2 million square meters, forming a network of efficient logistics facilities covering major logistics hub cities in China.

Since Fastlink began to cooperate with Yupei in 2016, the cooperative products include industrial sliding doors, single panel doors and loading and unloading platforms, and the cooperative projects include zhaoqing, huizhou, suzhou, dalian, tianjin, zhoushan, wuxi, xi 'an, jinan and so on.

After the product positioning is improved, there are higher requirements for brand, quality and service. After investigation and screening in 2016, the long-term cooperation with Fastlink is finally selected.

Company vision:

We are committed to becoming the first-class gateway intelligent solution provider in China.

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